Lluma Pigments Ltd is a company established to make available in a new source of Ultramarine Blue pigment produced at a world scale, start-of-the-art facility using technology developed in Europe.

Lluma Ultramarine Blue brand pigments are available in Europe and are of a quality that will satisfy all the most exacting commercial requirements with support from industry experts.

Ultramarine Blue

This inorganic pigment is the synthetic form of a mineral called Lazurite and its earliest applications were in artists' colours and as a textile brightener.

Ultramarine blue has got a clean and bright reddish blue shade making this blue pigment different to any other blue pigment in the market.

In addition to this very specific reddish blue shade, Ultramarine Blue is an excellent white corrector that neutralises yellowish shades. This whitening effect is widely appreciated in many fields of application such as plastics, coatings and detergents.

The colour of Ultramarine Blue pigment has been classified as Pigment Blue 29/C.I. 77007 by the Color Index System.

Chemically it is a sodium aluminium sulfosilicate and is essentially a three-dimensional aluminosilicate lattice with entrapped sodium ions and ionic sulfur groups.

Ultramaring Blue Pigment